Initial Consultation:

This initial consultation will give you the chance to experience how it is to be thought about within a psychotherapeutic setting; it will give you a feel for the nature my approach.  The consultation will give us a chance to think about what you would like to achieve within the therapeutic relationship.  It will also allow you make an informed choice as to whether my approach could be helpful to you.

Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:

I currently have availability for once weekly appointments. I am registered to offer twice weekly sessions.

Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT):

I am trained and experienced in providing MBT. This approach is helpful for people who struggle to develop secure attachments within relationships, where states of anxiety and confusion can often generate worries about trust and shame. The approach is helpful to people who experience ‘Borderline’ states of mind, occasionally given a ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ diagnosis. 


I offer Psychodynamic Psychotherapy supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors and other people who work in organisations providing to people suffering  psychological or emotional distress.

Training and organisational consultation:

My colleagues and I have an established experience of working with organisations who provide to people that struggle to manage emotional difficulties. We have extensive experience of providing leadership support, supervision, work discussion groups, training and broader consultation to organisations. Using a Group Analytic Approach we specialise in providing training and consultation to learning, care and other team based work environments. Our work aims to optimise systemic functioning, workgroup effectiveness and organisational resilience. We work to understand the relationship between organisational systems and the people who work within them. In doing so, our work seeks to reduce the impact upon the emotional wellbeing of the workforce and, subsequently, the emotional impact upon the workforce for delivering the primary task of their work.