My training and practice is rooted in psychoanalytic theory, which began with the pioneering work of Sigmund Freud in the 1890’s. From that time Freud's theories have continued to develop, accepting many of his original concepts while challenging others. Further developments of his work have matured psychoanalytic thinking into a broad pool of knowledge and experience, which underpins my clinical practice. My training enables me to work with high levels of rigour, authenticity and humanity.


I trained with The Tavistock Clinic, where  Melanie Klein's theories of infant development have strongly shaped the tradition of thinking. Klein’s observations and experiences helped develop an understanding of the way that unprocessed feelings are unconsciously communicated with an effort to seek relief from suffering. This knowledge allows for a gradual understanding of the way that people are shaped by their life experiences in complex and conflicting ways.


My thinking is informed heavily by my training, my life experience and my ongoing professional development. This sits alongside the personal developments that I made within my long and intensive training therapy, firstly with a Kleinian Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and latterly with a Jungian Analyst.